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I found shopping online sooo cool, cool in a sense that, it saves me time and effort to be in the mall. I am enjoying my time sitting in my couch, talking to some friends, at the same time shopping!!! Isn’t it just amazing??? And whenever I am in doubt or there are things I would like to know more about the items I would want to purchase I simply email or call their number and I like it when they say To place your order, call us toll-free at 800-449-9128 and I just love it so much!



I am actually excited right now, because I have an appointment for a major photo shoot. lol! A wannabe. I am getting fat though (sigh), I think aging is just inevitable and getting fat is just part of it.

but, we’ll see how I look like after this photo shoot session. I don’t feel confident enough right now, but I will try…

Hopefully, it wouldn’t be too bad. Crossing fingers.

This photographer just having fun photoshooting me. LOL!

d addario strings

I was browsing this d addario strings because a friend of mine loves playing guitar and he needs some new strings and this is the kind that he needs. I am just so glad that I found this for him and timely, it is going to be his birthday, too. He is going to be soo happy receiving this gift for him.

Selfie :-)

I was looking at all my old photos and I realized when selfies aren’t as bad as it is today, I already have quite a few.

Photo on 3-12-14 at 12.39 PM

in charleston sc

I was completely amazed when I heard about this is happening in charleston sc, and I would just like my friends and family to know that this could help them, greatly. So please check the highlighted link and this may be the one you are looking for. Because this is a great information than anyone would be looking for. Please check this out!

ebola on the rise

This Ebola thing is extremely alarming. And the numbers of death is arsing, now it is adding in the US as well. Just every time I think about it it simply gives me goosies. Whew! This is not just a joke but deadly. And, a man in Texas who recently died because of Ebola that he brought here in the US and now contaminated people around…Just sooo disturbing.

ballet classes in los angeles

My good ole cousin who resides in LA and has a 4 year old little girl just enrolled her daughter in a ballet classes in los angeles and she was so excited when she called me and told me about it. I think she is more excited that the kid. LOLS! The kids in my mind should have something to do when they are still very little. It could either be ballet or into sports that would be really nice…

football season 2014

American Football 2014_Ultra HD_scene-2
It’s football season again and people in America are already nuts into it. Family and friends started their weekend football party and are absolutely going crazy. It’s really nice though and the only thing that I don’t like about this sports is the roughness that goes with it, well I guess players who signed up for probably knew what they are up to and knew exactly what would happen to them.

Beatle bass

Being a friend to a musician that plays beatle bass I am kinda in awe knowing how this friend of mine has a different kind of talent than any other people i’ve known. My friend’s talent is just a God-given and just simply amazing. I just could only wish that my children could have God shower like the gift he had given him.

Brazillian Team

It was sad to see Brazillians soccer team’s supporters crying when the German beat them hard, 7-1, their chance of being the champion of the world has ended and also when Netherlands beat them 3-0…It was hard to beat for the Brazillians to end like that. What a disaster???

No doubt that they can play but it doesn’t mean they are good, but of course they are good in their own way. But, if you are going to play against team like German of course the most discipline and gifted players would rule and this year isn;t for Brazillians but for German which I think Germans deserve to win. They are the best team in the tournament.