Durham air conditioning

Are you glad that Winter is finally over and that Spring has sprung??? I’m sure you all are and so do I. However, just today after a long day, coming home should be a relief and since I already turn off the heater and didn’t turn on the air condition, Oh! My…It feels so warm almost like humid inside my house. It sure don’t feel good. I wish it’s still winter though…anyway, in summer I am looking forward of purchasing this Durham air conditioning because I sure do need a new one.

The Ultimate Warrior

You will be missed in the wrestling world and your fans. The world of wrestling sure be glad to have a once greatest wrestler of all time…

RIP Ultimate Warrior….

goconnect iphone app

I must admit that downloading apps in iPhone can be very addicting. I couldn’t understand why some people has tons and tons of different kinds of apps being downloaded into their phones? I, on the other hand just downloaded the one I frequently use, the ones that I think beneficial and necessities because it just eats up my bites. But, goconnect iphone app is sure one of the apps I found extremely useful and I did downloaded it in my phone. I love it!

Pinoy Skater

I was rooting for the first Filipino participated during the Winter Games in Russia few weeks ago. My heart was pounding so hard and hoping that at least he would be able to bring the gold medal or any medal. However, I wasn’t disappointed when he didn’t make it through because from watching those contestants, honestly they were all amazing and seemed like they were sooo expert in what they are doing. Unlike the Philippines participant. I guess, he needs to hone his skills some more but the fact he is in Russia to represent Philippines is enough to give him the honor he deserves.

Nady encore ii wireless lavalier microphone system

I just remember that when I attended a party last few weeks ago I noticed that the host of the party were using this nady encore ii wireless lavalier microphone system and the emcee has a wonderful voice that captivated the audience attention. Good voice and accompanied with a good quality microphone will simply create a great party. I love to listen to people who has a great voice and knows exactly what they were saying.

I love quotable quotes

I must admit, I am one of the people who loves quotable quotes. :-) A good friend of mine and my clique just shake her heads whenever in our conversation then all of a sudden I uses quotable quotes. LOLS! And she would blurted out and would say “here we are again, miss quotable quotes” lols! It maybe irritates her sometimes but hey! She knows me pretty well that I carry my quotable quotes wherever we are. I truly believe that quotes are a great way to learn lessons from the past, it’s the experiences of the people who lived before us and left lessons for us to live by and for us to at least avoid to make some mistakes like they did.

I love quotable quotes, don’t you? :-) :-) :-)

Exceptional randall amp

If you are simply looking for an exceptional randall amp well you just found the right place. This website is incredibly awesome. I can’t help but give them a two thumbs up, what I love the most about this site is for the fact I can read all the reviews from their previous customers. Reading reviews help me a lot in my decisions. I love reading reviews and no doubt about that, it takes time but it gives me confidence that I am buying the right product. Amazing!

Eat Bulaga VS It’s Showtime

I came across this photo posted in a certain facebook page, then I was interested to read the peoples’ comments and I wasn’t surprise with the reactions which I totally agreed. I think Eat Bulaga is the best noon time show ever. It’s concept is simple but people who are watching it are totally glued on it. It also gives happiness to all its viewers. It’s a family oriented show that showcase raw talents and the hosts simply seem to be enjoying their jobs as well. Tito, Vic and Joey is just a pure legend, although from time to time they got some issues but that doesn’t change the fact they are and will always be the number one noon time show hosts in the Philippines. I love the show and I am one of the millions and millions of people who are so glued in watching it.


Cool roland v-8

Anyone whose looking for a one fine cool roland v-8 simply click the link and you will definitely find the right one you are looking for. Roland V-8 isn’t easy to find at all, but this website will give you everything you need. This website carries any kinds of musical instruments that any musicians and enthusiast need. My favorite website ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

images (1)Happy-Valentines-Day-Umbrella-HD