ballet classes in los angeles

My good ole cousin who resides in LA and has a 4 year old little girl just enrolled her daughter in a ballet classes in los angeles and she was so excited when she called me and told me about it. I think she is more excited that the kid. LOLS! The kids in my mind should have something to do when they are still very little. It could either be ballet or into sports that would be really nice…

football season 2014

American Football 2014_Ultra HD_scene-2
It’s football season again and people in America are already nuts into it. Family and friends started their weekend football party and are absolutely going crazy. It’s really nice though and the only thing that I don’t like about this sports is the roughness that goes with it, well I guess players who signed up for probably knew what they are up to and knew exactly what would happen to them.

Beatle bass

Being a friend to a musician that plays beatle bass I am kinda in awe knowing how this friend of mine has a different kind of talent than any other people i’ve known. My friend’s talent is just a God-given and just simply amazing. I just could only wish that my children could have God shower like the gift he had given him.

Brazillian Team

It was sad to see Brazillians soccer team’s supporters crying when the German beat them hard, 7-1, their chance of being the champion of the world has ended and also when Netherlands beat them 3-0…It was hard to beat for the Brazillians to end like that. What a disaster???

No doubt that they can play but it doesn’t mean they are good, but of course they are good in their own way. But, if you are going to play against team like German of course the most discipline and gifted players would rule and this year isn;t for Brazillians but for German which I think Germans deserve to win. They are the best team in the tournament.

great sound

Honestly, I am an extremely romantic person that sometimes it could be mistaken for being obsessed. LOLS! But, I really am a romantic person especially when I love the person the most, and when I am in love I love to listen to a great sound, great music and have emo time. LOLS! But, I guess that was maybe over 10 years ago. Over the years I kinda changed already into something more kind of a tough. The twists and turns of life could change a person it either for better if not worst.

Stormy Summer

What do you think upon seeing this photo? Isn’t it scary? This was taken last week where there were Tornado warning in the town I am at. I have never ever see this kind of stuff when I was still in the Philippines. I know Philippines usually has her rainy and stormy days but there was nothing like this one. But, here in America, can be very scary. Tornados are just around the corner and anytime they just form and create misery to whoever affected. We were just so glad that it passed by in our town and we were relieved.

Health Insurance

The health insurance from this site is absolutely the best insurance I have found online. What I’s learned was that there are numbers of insurance companies out there but I am simply looking for the one that would fit my budget. I don’t take my health for granted and that’s the main reason I need health insurance, because I personally think it is essential to have one.

Cedric Lee caught in Samar

10306542_10152053159150168_5265100102307049162_nWhat was he thinking? Hiding in Samar? Did he ever thought that he is above the law? It’s like you can run but you can’t hide. LOLS! I bet he never really think the consequences of what they did to Vhong Navarro. He perhaps thought and took the Philippines laws is imbecile, and that Vhong Navarro would be so scared to come out and tell the truth. He thought he could just do that to any person they wanted to, maul and humiliate people.

Wow!!! He tried to hide. Just amazes me, that could only mean he got scared, it only probed he is GUILTY beyond reasonable doubts, isn’t he? Because if he is not, why hide??? Right???

Hope he would be in jail for the rest of his life…

Durham air conditioning

Are you glad that Winter is finally over and that Spring has sprung??? I’m sure you all are and so do I. However, just today after a long day, coming home should be a relief and since I already turn off the heater and didn’t turn on the air condition, Oh! My…It feels so warm almost like humid inside my house. It sure don’t feel good. I wish it’s still winter though…anyway, in summer I am looking forward of purchasing this Durham air conditioning because I sure do need a new one.

The Ultimate Warrior

You will be missed in the wrestling world and your fans. The world of wrestling sure be glad to have a once greatest wrestler of all time…

RIP Ultimate Warrior….